The Initiative on Varosha and Ercan Airport will promote the solution of the Cyprus problem

Since its foundation The Famagusta Initiative has been a union moving towards the iniative on Varosha, Walled City of Famagusta and Famagusta Port. Recently, the media has been focusing on the news underlining that a new initiative which will give momentum to the Cyprus Dispute has been launched regarding Varosha-Ercan Airport.

Despite the uncertainity of these initiatives we regret the stataments of Turkish Cypriot political actors pointing out that any step except a comprehensive solution will not bring any benefit to the reconciliation process. As the Famagusta Initiative we believe that underestimating the role of the confidence-building measures will yield no result but will postpone the settlement of the Cyprus issue. We learned through experience that the reconciliation process can not be moved forward and concluded only with the negotiations of the two leaders. Progress can be made only through the confidence-building measures to be launched simultaneously and with the contributions of the foreign and national expert staffs on this issue.

It should be kept in mind that the success of a settlement plan to be proposed at the end of the process can be achieved on condition that the majority of the communities having confidence in each other and who are convinced that the settlement is for their YES votes in favour.

In this regard, we believe that eliminating the barriers regarding the opening of Varosha to settlement and Ercan Airport to international flights will certainly contribute to the solution process.

As the Famagusta Initiative we salute the initiatives launched aiming at changing the situation of Varosha, which will serve to the reunification of Cyprus, in accordance with the international law.

We would like to emphasize that the initiative on Varosha and Port(s) will set an example concerning common life and economic boost in the settlement of Cyprus dispute and this step must be regarded as a very important confidence-building move.

Besides these, as the Famagusta Initiative we would like to share our thoughts regarding the future of Famagusta-Varosha with our community.

  • We reiterate that Varosha must be returned to its legal owners under the resolution number 550 of the United Nations Security Council.
  • We believe that with the opening of Varosha under the supervision of the UN and the administration of this region in line with the assents of the two communities and through the comprehensive talks the dialogue problems between the two communities will be solved.
  • Through this initiative intending the return of Varosha to its legal owners, the reconstruction of the region will be possible. Thus by establishing mutual entrepreneurship between the two communities and creating job fields the region will constitute a solid model contributing to the settlement on the island.
  • Apart from bringing political benefits to the region, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots and improving the socio-economic situation of this region besides these communities, we believe that putting an end to the captivity of Varosha will pave the way for communities to have positive attitudes towards a settlement in the referendum.
  • Since UN and EU is very experienced in overcoming the problems regarding the free movement of goods, services, labour and people and common life, we believe that through this experience they will play a key role in formulating the initiative on Varosha and Port(s) and implementing a comprehensive solution plan island-wide as well.


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