Famagusta Initiative’s Declaration on Joint Declaration of the Leaders of Cyprus

It is a fact that the decades-long deadlock in Cyprus is not providing the ideal conditions for both communities in Cyprus. The island is deprived of sustainable economic and political structures as a result of the no-solution in the island. Deadlock makes people living in the island to require measures of Troika’s in the South and Turkish Republic Aid Committee’s in the North those create discontent across both communities.

By keeping in mind aforementioned conditions; Famagusta Initiative

WELCOMES the joint declaration of the leaders, which also represents a new start for the negotiations of the comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus Problem.

SUPPORTS every attempt and declaration that will lead to a bi-communal, bi-zonal Federal Cyprus which will have single citizenship and indivisible single sovereignty.

EMPHASIZES the necessity of harmony among the leaders, civil society and the wider society to solve the Cyprus problem immediately and to bring durable peace in Cyprus.

DEMANDS from the two community leaders to be inclusive of the civil society organisations, initiatives and other organized groups on the way forward to the solution.

STATES the vital importance of constituting the text of an agreement, by two community leaders which must be mutually agreeable by the people in the both sides, to have a fruitful process.

UNDERLINES the necessity of supporting all of the concrete and result-oriented attempts in order to have positive vote in the future simultaneous referenda that will be take place in each side of Cyprus on the agreement text that will be formed by the leaders in the earliest timeframe.

EMPHASIZES the importance of the confidence building measures, that must be implemented concurrently with the comprehensive settlement negotiations, as a catalyst of the solution of the Cyprus Problem.

PROPOSES the formula of return of Varosha – Opening of Famagusta Port to international maritime lines – Recognition of Old Town in Famagusta as the UNESCO World Heritage Monument as a key confidence building measure

CONSIDERS the possibility of reviving the city of tomorrow by creating an extended Famagusta which will also includes Varosha.

UNDERLINES that the united Famagusta -as the model city of the future Cyprus- can bring benefits both to the region and to the island in social and economic dimensions and also to the successful reconciliation of the communities in Cyprus.

DEMANDS from both community leaders to consider the demands and suggestions of the Famagusta Initiative during the negotiations for the solution of the Cyprus Problem.

DEMANDS to form technical and steering committees consisting of the experts and representatives from the local NGO’s and wider society at the leaderships’ levels in order to conclude the demands and suggestions that are being put forward by the Famagusta Initiative.

Mertkan Hamit



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