Beach of Shame Does Not Belong To Public – Press Release

Beach of Shame Does Not Belong To Public

A year ago, a limited access to reach Deryneia / Agios Memnonas Beach as part of a protocol between the Famagusta Municipality and the army took place. Access to the beach which is known as Deryneia beach in the TCC is limited to Turkish Cypriots and the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Last year, we stated that what was carried out had a racist understanding, and we demanded regulations to overcome such a racist condition.

This year, Famagusta Municipality reiterated the same understanding for the beach and continued to claim that Deryneia beach is a “public” beach. However, the same racist approach has not been abandoned and only a region accessible to Turkish Cypriots and Turkish citizens has been created.

We care about the multicultural, multi-religious, multilingual structure of Famagusta. We believe that everyone (Greek Cypriots, students, tourists, immigrants) who reaches the city of Famagusta should be able to take steps regardless of their ethnic background. We want all people who have a connection with Famagusta not to encounter barbed wires, obstructions or any kind racist practices.

We want to underline that the Famagusta Municipality, should put an end to this racist regulation and that if Derinya Beach is opened, access to it should be free.

Until the racist practices are over, we boycott the Deryneai Beach, which the Municipality of Famagusta still calls it as “public” beach.

Like all other public spaces in Famagusta, we, as the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Famagustians, are inviting the people to boycott the Deryneia Beach and stand against a particular racist practice until all people are able to reach to Derynea / Agios Memnonas Beach.

Finally, we repeat once more and emphasize that, our final target is the REUNIFICATION OF OUR TOWN, the REUNIFICATION OF OUR COUNTRY. By not allowing Greek Cypriots to access to their own homeland in Varosha, by not respecting the common pain and memories of thousands of human beings who had been forced to be displaced from their homes, by ignoring the destructive consequenses of this action and by remaining silent, the authorities are not making any steps to built peace.

Mağusa İnisiyatifi

Famagusta Initiative

Mağusa Kentimiz İnisiyatifi

Famagusta Our Town Initiative

Mağusa Gençlik Merkezi (MAGEM)

Famagusta Youth Center (MAGEM)

Unite Cyprus Now