Dear friends – Press release about reuniting Famagusta


Dear friends,

As the Famagusta Initiative we had been working in the both communities in order to unite our town and our country. At this critical juncture, it is clear that we have reached to a level where two leaders had significant convergences which can make people to return to their town and make Famagusta greater and prosperious city. At this critical period, I would like to repeat our support and emphasize our desire for Famagusta to reunite again. However, also there are various points that we need to keep in mind for the future of our town. The most important thing is the careful planning of the transition period during the return of Varosha and further reunification of our town. The historical, economical and sociological development has to be inline with the fundemental principles of the human rights as well as the sustainable economy. For this reason it is important to keep in mind that our cooperation must be much more intensified and much more strong to overcome potential hurdles and make Famagusta for the benefit of all. Considering our efforts as the civil society organisations, residents of Famagusta and the refugees of Famagusta it is important to bring differences between the communities as our assets. We need to create a city for all, inclusive of every group in a federal country. At this stage, our efforts for reconciliation deserves much more importance. So that we can create new understanding for people from all ages without giving any opportunity for the extremists and the spoilers. I would like to thank for the coordinators for allowing me to pass our message.

Okan Dagli

Famagusta Initiative