11 Ekim Eylemi – Flyer (En)

Let Famagusta open its doors to the world, let the peace process in Cyprus begin right now…

Opening up Varosha to it legal owners under the UN administration and the Famagusta port to international trade under the supervision of EU by eliminating its illegal status in addition to demilitarization of the district and reunification of the divided city of Famagusta will pave the way for mutual dialogue, economic, social and cultural cooperation.

United we stand hand in hand, heart by heart, song by song and shout all together: “Peace in Famagusta, Peace in Cyprus, Peace in the World!”.

Join us in the bicommunal cultural event…

Date: 11 October 2013, Friday

Place: Laguna Area, Famagusta

Time: 18:00-20:00

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