Letter to the President of the European Investment Bank

24th May 2016

President Werner Hoyer
European Investment Bank

We thank you for the opportunity to meet in Famagusta last month and for listening to our visions and hopes for the future of Famagusta.

We were encouraged by your interest and we would like to follow up with this letter to present our formal request for the initiation of a Needs Assessment for the economic revival of Famagusta, in anticipation of a positive outcome in the negotiations.

At this time, we are engaged with the RoC government’s Council for Resettlement and Rehabilitation in preparing a plan for the above project, again in anticipation of a solution and the reopening of the enclaved part of the city to Greek Cypriots.

Within the framework of the proposed Needs Assessment, we envisage that a team of experts in diverse fields will be required, to include local and international experts. These fields would include town planning, architecture, coastal management, sewerage, transportation, energy and energy efficiency, and infrastructure in general. We have prepared a preliminary schedule of experts and their proposed areas of specialization, which we enclose in order to enable you to form an initial idea of the requirements.

We hope for a positive step forward and to continuing our engagement and collaboration with your Bank, with our common goal being the economic revival of not just Famagusta but also the entire reunited island of Cyprus.

We remain, sincerely yours